Bottom-refilled bottle

Matripeak 5ml refill perfume bottles is a panted rapid refillable mini bottle.
It's world's newest 2 in 1 refill system allows you to refill in seconds
with a simple repeat pump action or directly pour into the bottles.

Pump to refill or pour in option

Refill in seconds with a simple repeat pump action

Directly pour into the bottle

Our bottle easily comes apart, revealing the inside.
Take the bottom of the inside out and then pour your perfume in.
Once full, put your bottle back together again.

Legal and official global patent

Special unique patent allows people conveniently to take your perfume with our bottles.

Perfect travel size

Flawless spray,luxurious mist.

Multi-colors available

Strong,light and classing leading 120 sprays capacity.

Change the fragrance in an instant

Handle exquisitely.No fingerprints.

Easy to carry-on

Conveniently disassemble and clean the inner body,antibacterial and prevent odor.