Water drop make up sponge

Our featuring water drop sponge is a perfectly tear shape and innovative,
super-soft material, this tool applies foundation, powder,
BB/CC cream and other complexion products across the skin.

Leader make up blender

Fine&smooth texture,flawless, skin-like finish,blend diffuse makeup.

Twice size when wet

Apply and blend all kinds of the make up products.

Latex-free hydrophilic polyurethane

Fine& smooth texture,flawless, skin-like finish,blend diffuse makeup.

Fight bacteria and sensitive

Exclusive materials can maintain the integrity shape of the blender.

Aperture< 0.1um

Works best for gliding over large areas of your face and with the smaller side targeting hard-to-reach areas. .

Multi-colors available

Wet the sponge with water.
Squeeze out excess water and if available you can use a towel to make it totally dry.
Bounce foundation,powder,or any other make up products across the face for the flawless results. .