Matripeak FAQ

Will it matter if it is our first time to do perfume& beauty business?

60% of our clients are the first time to do perfume& beauty business.If you have any questions or unclear items, feel free to consult us.


How long does it take to reach the product commercialization?

It usually takes one week to determine the container, design and colors of products. So if everything goes smoothly, it is expected to take 1 month to reach the whole products of the goods.


Products that can be manufactured include?

Products that can be manufactured include perfume bottles, cosmetic blender, beauty face cleaner,hair beauty facilities, cosmetic brush and so on. Please feel free to inquiry.


What is the quantity of economic lot?

Considering the expenses of raw materials and printings, We have stock for normal colors in our factory.We certainly accept orders with small lot.


Could your company provide custom printed containers?

Of course we can, but printing factory usually requires the minimum quantity of 10000.


Will you accept Logo making on the products?

Give your logo or box design to our factory and we will make the same logo according to your design.

Let us know and we can help you find it. You choose.Contact us if you need help.


Is there international shipping?

Yes,it is possible. However, please note the cost of the related paper work and export application.

Besides, if taking consideration of the shipment expense,the total gross weight,dimension of the cartons,you can choose airplane or ship the goods by sea.


Does our company have to prepare the design scheme of the product?

We can help with the package design and also charge based on the design scheme. In this situation, we will provide customers the final artwork designed by illustrator software.

Artwork producing expense and design expense separated.


Is any certificate needed to sell cosmetics?

No, no certificate is needed.

Our company owns the certificates of both manufacturing cosmetics products and selling cosmetics products.


Where are Matripeak products made?

Matripeak ques products are primarily made in China and we could not appreciate our partners more. Our factory are held to the highest of standards of both ethics and quality and are submitted through a rigorous inspection and audit process before they can work as our partner.


Does your Matripeak factory adhere to fair labor practices?

Yes, we have fair labor practices established. We require our own factory to adhere to fair labor standards including child labor restrictions, fair wages, and compensation for overtime. The production process is monitored as we maintain our own trained quality control and quality assurance staff, conducting ongoing and random inspections to ensure consistent quality and safety. Work environments are held to high standards, as is the quality of the product.


How can I connect with Matripeak?

You can connect with us either on social media or by contacting us here. Follow us on Linkedin and Facebook for the latest tips, tutorials and brand news!